Winners Annouced 2023 Cossack Art Awards

Winners Annouced 2023 Cossack Art Awards

On Saturday, July 22, the City of Karratha awarded $89,000 in prize money to ten category winners during the 31st Cossack Art Awards.

More than 280 artworks from across the nation were entered into the unique regional art awards where the prestigious exhibition is highlighted on the century-old walls of Cossack, bringing them to life with texture, colour and talent during July and August.

Looking Beyond by Jenna Pickering won this year's Best Overall Artwork.

Judges said the piece is, "a work of art in the human form and all of the memories, imperfections and details that have been captured using memory – past – present – gentle but the tough exterior is hiding that pain and sorrow that has been experienced."

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the Cossack Art Awards continued to showcase and celebrate the high level of talent.

"The Pilbara is renowned as an artistic hub and the calibre of artworks entered this year reflects the rich culture and creativity in our region and beyond," Cr Long said.

"This year's winning work by the talented Jenna Pickering, showed a beautifully detailed, realistic, and emotive painting. I am so impressed.

"I would also like to thank our well-respected judging panel who have dedicated their time and experience to the difficult task of selecting the winning and highly commended works.

"I encourage everyone to visit the exhibition and get involved with the public program of events and activities on offer over the coming weeks."


Best Overall Artwork - $20,000
Sponsor: City of Karratha
Artist: Jenna Pickering
Title: Looking Beyond
Judges' comments: This year's Best Overall Artwork was a unanimous decision for our judges. Looking Beyond is finely detailed, intimate and showed a great execution of skill. The statement pulls us in – a work of art in the human form, all the memories and imperfections and details that has been captured using memory – past – present – gentle but tough exterior that is hiding that pain and sorrow that has been experienced.


Best Artwork by Pilbara Artist - $10,000
Sponsor: Government of Western Australia and Pilbara Development Commission.
Artist: Pine Byrne
Title: Bush Seeds
Judges' comments: Seeds is a confident work that remained traditional. The use of bronze and gold was a confident decision. This artwork features detailed patterning with metallics and varying sizes in the dots to create a bold and thought-provoking piece.

Painting Pilbara Landscape - $8,000
Sponsor: City of Karratha
Artist: Lyn Franke
Title: After the Rain – Karijini NP
Judges' comments: A stunning display of artistry. After the rain – Karijini NP showcases the elegant and brutal landscape. The torn paper speaks back to the landscape and emphasizes the rough edge with the raised fraying of material. A lot of deliberation was clearly taken with the work. Richness of the texture mixes well with the richness of the colours. The contrast of tapestry is something that isn't very common.

North West Flora and Fauna - $8,000
Sponsor: Rio Tinto
Artist: Judy Rogers
Title: Midday Sun
Judges' comments: This is a well-executed, technically elegant and proficient composition. The depth in the work creates a melodramatic painting with a lot of push and pull foreground and background going on. The feeling of porcelain creates that Australian feel. Overall, a very intricate piece with which immense care was taken.

Portraits - $8,000
Sponsor: City of Karratha
Artist: Sylvia Wilson
Title: Lost Wanti
Judges' comments: A haunting and captivating work. Lost Wanti is gestural in its use of line making creating a highly evocative response for the bold piece. The simplicity gives it merit and the closer composition works well.


Emerging Artist - $8,000
Sponsor: Citic Pacific Mining
Artist: Pepper Bascombe
Title: Old Dunsborough, April
Judges' comments: Old Dunsborough, April is a mature work for an emerging artist. The stormy movement up the top draws attention and ignites a balance of highs and lows. The artist went outside of their comfort zone, took a risk and the result is a stunning piece of art. Keep pushing!

Painting Open Theme - $8,000
Sponsor: Rio Tinto
Artist: Laura Peden
Title: Abundance
Judges' comments: Abundance has a well-balanced and lovely feel about it. Confident use of materials and technique with a nice balance of abstraction and landscape. The calm against the chaos is very reminiscent of its environment but also it has a balance and harmony between the two vast areas of space.

Painting by Indigenous Artists - $8,000
Sponsor: NYFL Tutt Bryant
Artist: Allery Sandy
Title: Marni
Judges' comments: A very pretty and technically efficient piece. Great use of negative space to depict the water bodies. It features a muted soft palette for the landscape. The high level of detail, immense even, creates a beautiful and thought-provoking work of art that reveals more the longer you look at it.

Works on Paper - $8,000
Sponsor: City of Karratha
Artist: Shannon McCulloch
Title: Night Watching
Judges' comments: Outstanding. Original. The idea of referencing a traditional rembrant-esk painting but then reappropriating it so instead of having military and official characters it is going more for the night watch – surveillance camera honing in on the point of view. Creates curiosity.

This years Cossack Art Awards was presented by the City of Karratha with principal partner Rio Tinto; category sponsors, Citic Pacific, Government of Wester Australia, Pilbara Development Commission, NYFL Tutt Bryant and Pilbara Ports Authority. Public Program Sponsors: Woodside Energy, North West Shelf, Fortescue Metals Group. Children's Art Awards sponsors Powertech and Dunnart Picture Framing and Homewares. Event sponsors Cleanaway, IAS Fine Art Logistics, Karratha Signs, Channel 7, Onsite Rental Group and Vicinity Karratha City Shopping Centre.