The Winners for 2016 are in!

The Winners for 2016 are in!

After much deliberation by the judges we have our 2016 winners!

Check out our winners and judges comments below...




Works on Paper - $8,000

Sponsor - Pilbara Development Commission         

Artist: Kelli Dawson

Title: Specimen Jars V (Preservation)

Judges Comments:

‘Cabinets of curiosity’ - a beautifully produced and technically interesting piece that provides a view into a personal cabinet. The interesting illustrations within each box combine together to make up the whole. A good quality print by someone who looks like they has been printing for a long time. Very personal specimens, it’s like a diary of experiences. A very successful personal statement.


Painting Open Theme - $8,000

Sponsor - ECM Pty Ltd

Artist: Marek Herburt

Title: Waiting for rain

Judges Comments:

This image captures the vibrancy of the landscape, it radiates with tangible heat and energy. The painting stands up well against the others in this category. Strong, high end use of the colour spectrum. The shadows really work and there is lovely execution of the leaves, they add a wispy element. This is a very accomplished, high octane, high key painting.


Emerging Young Artist - $8,000

Sponsor - CITIC Pacific Mining

Artist: Jaimee Ryder

Title: Dragonfly Hearing

Judges Comments:

A lot of work has gone into this piece. It is well executed and the artist has kept patience with the process. This is not an obvious work. This young person has shown diligence and hard work. This is a nicely put together piece.



Painting Pilbara Landscape - $8,000

Sponsor - Rio Tinto

Artist: Janine Samson

Title: Landscape Through My Eyes          

Judges Comments:

A very challenging scale for an art piece but it is perfectly realised. A little bit of ‘Op’ art. The red and green balance for a pleasing, but funky colour selection for the right side of the painting. A very individual work.


Painting by Pilbara Indigenous Artist - $8,000

Sponsor - Ngarluma Yindjibarndi Foundation Ltd

Artist: Doreen Chapman

Title: Untitled (Snake II)

Judges Comments:

This person is doing something unusual, the palette of lime green is totally original. They are difficult colours to combine but they work better because of the black ground. It could be called a ‘Maverick work.’ This piece is begging to be on a larger scale. It is an authentic work, with the energetic soul of abstract expressionism. The subtle image of the snake creeps up on you like it would it the bush, you don’t see it until the last minute. It is a challenging, clever and profound painting. There is an inventiveness about it that makes for a powerful image.


Northwest Flora and Fauna - $8,000

Sponsor – Woodside

Artist: Jill Churnside

Title: Gardangu Story

Judges Comments:

An interesting work. This painting, with the sophistication of the background colours is a fresh story about this person’s country.


Portraits - $8,000

Sponsor - Karratha Visitor Centre

Artist: Ruth Leigh

Title: Lenny

Judges Comments:

This is clearly a portrait that works well within this region. An outback image that depicts a person who belongs with this land and conveys a feeling of toughness, resilience and perseverance.


Invited Artist - $8,000

Sponsor – City of Karratha

Artist: Agnes Armstrong

Title: Ivanhoe Crossing

Judges Comments:

Subtle, almost monochromatic image with a great sense of narrative and play on varied perspectives. A contemporary work with a reference to traditional works. It is a naïve vision that conveys to us a freshness of touch with its confident strokes.


Best Artwork by Pilbara Artist - $10,000
Sponsor – Pilbara Ports Authority

Artist: Maggie Green

Title: Myroodah Station

Judges Comments:
This person really knows how to paint, it’s a very professional work. An accomplished highly textured, geometric, interior landscape with a sophisticated use of colour and resolution of shapes and painterly masses. A very satisfying painting.


Best Overall Artwork - $15,000
Sponsor – City of Karratha
Artist: Mary-Lynne Stratton
Title: Radiant Mirage
Judge Comments:
Wonderfully handled Pilbara landscape. The challenging, technical coating of beeswax separates the painting, scarring the surface and bringing out the Pilbara landscape. A subtle use of colour and play of light over the surface. An imaginative and outstanding work.


Image credit: Elle Borgward Photography