In 2021, we welcome award winning and world known artist Robert Forlani.

The City of Karratha along side principal partner Rio Tinto is excited to announce the appointment of Robert Forlani as 2021 Cossack Art Awards Artist in Residence.

“I’m in a sense…an improvisational artist, improvising a real life situation into Art."

“A climate of colour with layers of shape, while the sensitivity lies in the emotional tags. A loose freedom provides a bold colourful language yet still remains intimate for the viewer. This then guides my brush strokes into abstract pieces. Every piece has a meaning as I try to precipitate events in the real world into more of a concrete circumstance, a kind of Abstract Realism if such a thing exists…This is my method.” -Rob Forlani

Australian artist Rob Forlani was Initially an impressionist painter taught by his school mentor Daryl Jane; then the serendipitous discovery of artists such as Hans Hofmann, Kline, Pollock and Frankenthaler aroused Rob’s interest in Abstract Expressionism.

A process of precipitating real life events and situations and spawning ideas ultimately culminated in abstract paintings created for his first solo exhibition in 2000. In Mid 2005 Rob was selected to participate in New York’s Agora Gallery’s "Out From Down Under and Beyond: An Exhibition of Fine Art from Australia and New Zealand" with 11 other well-known Australian artists. While traveling through some of the USA's most eclectic cities, such as New York, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco, Rob was able add to his growing melting pot of influence and style.

In 2006, Rob’s work was chosen for a solo exhibition, entitled “Essential Abstracts,” to open Zinc Details newest store, San Francisco’s globally renowned interior store. Shortly after San Francisco, Rob exhibited and attended his first European solo exhibition at the Art Gallerier Moderna i Stockholm. Through a 6 month period through the European winter of 2008/09 Rob lived in Stockholm and held exhibits in Finland, England and Sweden enhancing a reputation for bold, striking large abstract work with a decidedly Australian flavour.

In 2013 Rob’s work was successfully exhibited in Bologna, Italy with a repeat exhibition mid-2014, this then led to group exhibitions in the years 2016 - ’17 in Madrid, Valencia and Aix-en-Provence in France which then led into his regular showings in Australia at Sydney and Yallingup in 2018.

2019/2020 led to another 7-week journey to Europe with a series of exhibitions starting in Sweden then Italy and culminating in Paris at the Grand Palais.

March of 2021 Rob was was invited and appointed by The Dampier Community Association to Judge the ‘Dampier Art Awards’ in the Pilbara as well as conduct 2 workshops for the community during the art week.

Rob has successfully displayed his work in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Bologna, Stockholm, Auckland, London, Helsinki, New York and San Francisco.

The City of Karratha is very excited to see what Robert will creaate within his four week Residency at Cossack.