Cossack Art Awards 2016 FAQ's!

Cossack Art Awards 2016 FAQ's!

Looking to enter the Awards? Have a few questions?

Here are some FAQ's




1. How do I enter the Awards?



2. How much does it cost to enter?

Entry fee is $35 paid online via credit card. No refunds to those who cancel their entry.


3. How do I freight my works?

This year it is super simple.

You organise for your piece to be delivered to IAS Malaga between 20-24 June (8am-3pm).

We pay to ship it up to Cossack and back.

You organise collection of your work (if unsold or doesn't win!) from IAS Malaga between 22 and 24 August (8am-3pm).


4. What if I live local?

Easy! Drop it to Bond Store, Cossack on any of the below dates;

Thursday 7 July and Friday 8 July | 5pm-8pm

Saturday 9 July and Sunday 10 July | 11am-3pm


5. Is the People's Choice Award acquisitive?

YES! We have increased the prize money to $3,000 for one very lucky winner!


6. How many times can I enter?

Sorry, limit of one entry per artist.


7. It says to upload an image with my entry, what will that be used for?

This image of your work will be used as a reference and for curation purposes only. It will not be used for marketing.


8. If I enter do I get to attend the Awards night?

You sure do! All entered artists are invited to attend the Gala Awards Night. You will receive an invitation to your nominated email address and you will be required to RSVP.


9. How much commission is charged if my piece sells?

The City retains 30% commission inc GST to go towards event costs.


10. I am entering the Portraits category. Do I need Sitter's Permission?

You certainly do! All entries to Portraits MUST be accompanied by a signed writtem permission letter from the subject. This is to be emailed to

Failure to provide this may result in exclusion from the exhibition and Award.


11. I am trying to edit my work and it says 'Category Full' what do i do?

This should only be happening for those editing their entry in Painting Open Theme. Click on the Drop down and select Painting Open Theme (Spaces Available). THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR ENTRY. YOU ARE STILL IN OPEN THEME.


12. I need to edit my entry, what do I do?

Login using details that were sent to you;

Username: Firstname_Lastname (not email!!)

Password: whatever you selected


13. What are the hanging requirements?

Please refer to the Information Booklet that was emailed to your nominated email address 30/05/2016.


Still have a question? Give us a call on 08 9186 8667 and Jessica Snook, Arts and Culture Event Officer, will answer any questions or queries you may have.