2022 Cossack Art Awards winners announced

2022 Cossack Art Awards winners announced

More than $80,000 in prize money was awarded at the 30th Anniversary of the Cossack Art Awards in the City of Karratha on Saturday, July 16.

Cossack Jail Cells and Tree Bark by artist Rose Barton won this year’s Best Overall Artwork.

Judges described the piece as, “beautifully executed – thought-provoking and confrontational,” stating the decision for Best Overall Artwork was unanimous for the panel.

City of Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the Cossack Art Awards showcases and celebrates a wealth of local and national talent.

“The Pilbara is renowned as an artistic hub and the calibre of artworks entered this year reflects the rich culture and creativity in our region.

“I would like to congratulate the 2022 Overall Artwork winner Rose Barton and category winners for their achievements and all the entrants for their contribution to another exceptional exhibition.

“I would also like to thank our well-respected judging panel who have dedicated their time and experience to the difficult task of selecting the winning and highly commended works.

“I encourage everyone to visit the exhibition and get involved with the public program of events and activities on offer over the coming weeks.”

Presented by the City of Karratha and principal partner Rio Tinto, the exhibition is open to the public 10am-3pm daily from July 17 to August 7. Admission is free.

Rio Tinto Iron Ore Chief Executive Officer Simon Trott congratulated all the winners for their incredible works.

“Art helps us see the world in different ways so we can build better understanding and respect – which ultimately leads to stronger and more sustainable communities.

“I look forward to seeing the compelling works that this year’s Artist in Residence – the award-winning Annette Peterson – will create during the next four weeks here in Cossack. Annette will create works in oils, photography and digital animation, all inspired by her connection with the Pilbara landscape.

“I‘d like to thank the City of Karratha and everyone who has worked so hard to bring us the Cossack Art Awards.

“Over the last 30 years it's become an absolute highlight on Western Australia’s cultural calendar and is one of the richest art awards in regional Australia.”

Visitors to the exhibition can cast their vote in the Pilbara Ports Authority People’s Choice Award, to be announced on August 7.


Best Overall Artwork - $20,000
Sponsor: City of Karratha
Artist: Rose Barton
Title: Cossack Jail Cells and Tree Bark
Judges’ comments: This year’s Best Overall Artwork was a unanimous decision for our judges. The contrast between the natural and man-made worlds is beautifully executed – thought-provoking and confrontational, inviting the viewer to look deeper. Cossack Jail Cells and Tree Bark is an artwork that fits beautifully within the context of the Cossack space, and our judges can see its potential to grow into more works.

Best Artwork by Pilbara Artist - $10,000
Sponsor: Pilbara Development Commission
Artist: Alice Guiness
Title: Burndud Ground
Judges’ comments: Burndud Ground shows a strong iconic style that is relevant and deeply linked to the Pilbara Country. Our judges were drawn in by the strong and bold choice of colour, gravitating towards the striking image that shows tension between the traditional and contemporary. Alice Guiness is definitely a graphite contemporary.

Painting Pilbara Landscape - $8,000
Sponsor: ATCO
Artist: Lyn Franke
Title: Pilbara Afterburn
Judges’ comments: This intimate and delicate work is enticing. You don’t realise the craftsmanship involved until you study it up close. Materials have been used to create the colours in this work. The fragility of the materials used is reflective of the fragility of the environment. The colour palate is nuanced and it really works. This artwork uses traditional craft to paint the Pilbara landscape and it really works as a two dimensional work in its presentation.

North West Flora and Fauna - $8,000
Sponsor: Rio Tinto
Artist: Dawn Sandy
Title: Pilbara Wildflowers
Judges’ comments: The winning work in this category subtly captures the vibrancy and diversity of the North West. The use of colour is interesting and it shows very beautiful, sympathetic use of materials. This artist has been dedicated and tenacious in their approach. It’s inviting and the viewer can’t help but be absorbed. Our judges agreed that this very lovely work is the essence of North West wildflowers.

Portraits - $8,000
Sponsor: City of Karratha
Artist: Shannon McCulloch
Title: Watching (self-portrait)
Judges’ comments: The presentation of this work was small in format and the frame enhances its domestic subject. Light is captured in an intimate space, a familiar scene becomes eery and uncanny. This work is beautifully painted with excellent perspective.

Emerging Young Artists - $8,000
Sponsor: Citic Pacific Mining
Artist: Bianca Simpson
Title: Punmu Waterholes
Judges’ comments: This is a well-developed work with a well-considered use of colour and application. Its strong composition and sense of colour recreates the grand scale of the Punmu Waterholes. Bianca Simpson has embarked on an adventurous pathway into future artworks and our judges look forward to their future works.

Painting Open Theme - $8,000
Sponsor: Rio Tinto
Artist: Natalie Scholtz
Title: Cattle Games
Judges’ comments: Natalie Scholtz’s artwork is daring, rewarding originality and risk-taking. Its complexity is produced in a confident way, with a strong, considered message as an underlying concept. Cattle Games references the colonial contest and struggle through to the contemporary. Its surreal quality and depiction of ghost-like figures is quite distinct.

Painting by Indigenous Artists - $8,000
Sponsor: Garlbagu Tutt Bryant
Artist: Judith Coppin
Title: Yindjibarndi Munda Hills
Judges’ comments: Judith Coppin’s Yindjibarndi Munda Hills is full of movement, evoking feelings of spontaneity and happiness. Its paint strokes are a unique and vibrant language, and our judges especially liked the use of traditional ochre colours to reference to Country, and the gestural nature of the work.

Works on Paper - $8,000
Sponsor: BCI Minerals
Artist: Di Cubitt
Title: Coastal Drift
Judges’ comments: Coastal Drift is a highly accomplished, beautifully treated work of art. It captures the softness of nature and evokes an alluring, calming effect on the viewer. Our judges noticed that presentation is emphasised in this piece, and captures the essence of ‘Works On Paper’. Di Cubitt has created a work with dimension and depth, allowing the medium to flow.

The Cossack Art Awards are presented by the City of Karratha with principal partner Rio Tinto; category sponsors Citic Pacific Mining, ATCO, BCI Minerals, Pilbara Development Commission, Garlbagu Tutt Bryant and Pilbara Ports Authority; program partners Fortescue Metal Group and Woodside; children’s art award sponsors Dunnart and Powertech; and event sponsors, Karratha City Shopping Centres, Cleanaway and Karratha Signs.

For further information please follow the Cossack Art Awards Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cossackartawards.