2022 Cossack Art Awards Highly Commended Artists Announced

2022 Cossack Art Awards Highly Commended Artists Announced

Alongside the winners of the 2022 Cossack Art Awards, we’re proud to announce the talented artists who received $200 for their highly commended works.

Presented by the City of Karratha and principal partner Rio Tinto, the exhibition is free and open to the public 10am-3pm daily from July 17 to August 7 2022.

Visitors to the exhibition can still cast their vote in the Pilbara Ports Authority People’s Choice Award, to be announced this Sunday at the Fortescue Metals Group Children’s Art Day at Cossack, on 7 August 2022.


Highly Commended - Painting Pilbara Landscape
Sponsor: ATCO
Artist: Vicki Sangster
Title: Salt
Judges’ comments: This work has been painstakingly produced. It’s captured light, perspective, texture and has been observed so closely by the artist, down to minute details. The subject matter is a contrast between the industrial and natural worlds

Highly Commended - North West Flora and Fauna
Sponsor: Rio Tinto
Artist: Jane Cheedy
Title: Yindjibarndi buwarrila dreaming
Judges’ comments: This work displays a deliberate approach to storytelling and the individual characters work together as a whole and they tell the story. It’s cheeky, shows variety and there is innovation in its style. There are lots of layers of colour and while it’s an unusual composition, it’s animated and full of character. The artist has taken a unique and playful approach to the subject matter.

Highly Commended - Portraits
Sponsor: City of Karratha
Artist: Andy Quilty
Title: Mum
Judges’ comments: This is a confident, bold and accomplished piece. It expressively depicts a personal story. It has a great sense of texture with complicated line work. It’s unsympathetic and raw, it’s social realism. Scale has been carefully considered by the artist.

Highly Commended - Emerging Young Artists
Sponsor: Citic Pacific Mining
Artist: Gala Camps Mcloughlin
Title: The Little Galah
Judges’ comments: The Little Galah has softness in each stroke, with the artist’s sensitive and soft use of paint. This artwork is well-presented, showing depth. Each detail of the galah is beautifully observed.

Highly Commended - Painting Open Theme
Sponsor: Rio Tinto
Artist: Stefanie Rogerson
Title: Possessed
Judges’ comments: Our judges were impressed with Stefanie Rogerson’s artwork as the singularly different piece in the whole exhibition. It’s confronting with its strong, sinister presence and eerie use of colour. This is an artwork that makes the observer respond with a feeling of implication, and is a testament that art is not always pretty. Our judges recognise that Possessed doesn’t depict a happy topic, understanding that the figures within the artwork are viewed as destroying and claiming land against the backdrop of a serene landscape.

Highly Commended - Painting by Pilbara Indigenous Artists
Sponsor: Garlbagu Tutt Bryant
Artist: Wendy Darby
Title: My Country
Judges’ comments: My Country is a striking piece of work that is reminiscent of the local landscape. Its simple yet bold style is rendered in a delicate process. Its perfect capture of the subtlety of colour creates a timeless artwork that absorbs the viewer, encouraging a deep gaze.

Highly Commended - Works on Paper
Sponsor: BCI Minerals
Artist: Tanya Jaceglav
Title: When on some gilded cloud or flower gazing soul could dwell an hour
Judges’ comments: Our judges were impressed by Tanya Jaceglav’s artwork that at first glance looks deceptively simple, but on a closer look is incredibly complex. When on some gilded cloud or flower gazing soul could dwell an hour is romantic and nostalgic, drawing viewers into its depths. Its presentation is considered, well-observed and rendered, and feels almost sculptural in its three-dimensional figure. Our judges understood it as a representation of the quotidian.

The Cossack Art Awards are presented by the City of Karratha with principal partner Rio Tinto; category sponsors Citic Pacific Mining, ATCO, BCI Minerals, Pilbara Development Commission, Garlbagu Tutt Bryant and Pilbara Ports Authority; program partners Fortescue Metal Group and Woodside; children’s art award sponsors Dunnart and Powertech; and event sponsors, Karratha City Shopping Centres, Cleanaway and Karratha Signs.

For further information please follow the Cossack Art Awards Facebook page at www.facebook.com/cossackartawards.