2017 Cossack Art Awards Winners

2017 Cossack Art Awards Winners

Our category winners for the 25th Cossack Art Awards were announced on Saturday 22 July 2017. 

Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who entered.


Works on Paper - $8,000

Sponsor - City of Karratha

Artist: Carrie McDowell

Title: On the Land

Artwork No: 3724

Judges’ Comments:

This is an original work with delicate use of mapping and stitching. A confident, balanced and detailed use of the mix media dimension. This work tells the story of the impact of livestock on the land. It is an intimate work that shows unique contrast between black, white and colour.


Painting Open Theme - $8,000

Sponsor - Rio Tinto

Artist: Basil Antonas

Title: Rawness

Artwork No: 4031

Judges’ Comments:

This work is unique and stood out through its contrasting use of colour. The judges were attracted to this piece as it is purely about the balanced use of medium on the surface. Good composition, viewers are stimulated to bring their own interpretation.


Painting Pilbara Landscape - $8,000

Sponsor - Rio Tinto

Artist: Douglas Kirsop

Title: Pilbara Aerial

Artwork No: 3613

Judges’ Comments:

This is a compelling aerial landscape that is highly reminiscent of the desert, a hard landscape to depict. The artist uses colour to bring this to life. Competent use of loose brush strokes are used to create tight composition and bring the piece together. This piece draws eyes to the centre with a hint of human presence.

Emerging Young Artist - $8,000

Sponsor - CITIC Pacific Mining

Artist: Tessa Laing

Title: Pelago

Artwork No: 3102

Judges’ Comments

This work is the “Pilbara Luna Park”, representing a serious topic portrayed with humour. This emerging young artist has shown great use of technical skill on an unusual subject matter. This work displays social commentary around human interaction with the environment.


Painting by Pilbara Indigenous Artist - $8,000

Sponsor - Ngarluma Yindjibarndi Foundation Ltd

Artist: Nyaparu “William” Gardiner

Title: Thurla Glass

Artwork No: 3514

Judges’ Comments

This work has captured the attitude of the person. It is abstract yet contemporary, unique and not derivitive. Nice use of silhouette with an interesting relationship between figure and landscape. This work is mysterious and it is great to see artists experimenting, pushing the mediums and expectations of Indigenous art.


North West Flora and Fauna - $8,000

Sponsor - City of Karratha

Artist: Clare McFarlane

Title: Pink and Grey

Artwork No: 3415

Judges’ Comments:

Great display of technical skill with well composed contrast between the subject matter and the detailed background. This work is realistic yet stylised, a study in still life. Strong use of texture between the feathers and stylised leaf pattern. Extremely well composed work.


Portraits - $8,000

Sponsor - Quadrant Energy and Santos, Joint Venture Partners in the Devil Creek Gas Plant

Artist: Greg Taylor

Title: Don McLeod’s Dream

Artwork No: 3320

Judges’ Comments:

This piece sparks your imagination, it tells a story but so much is left unsaid which triggers the viewer’s imagination. Less is more with this piece with really nice use of colour. The artist uses simple means to be highly expressive and is confident with the use of text.


Invited Artists - $8,000

Sponsor - ECM Pty Ltd

Artist: Laurel Nannup

Title: First Contact

Artwork No: 3204

Judges’ Comments:

This is a strong, tight and well printed piece. It is a symbolic design that displays humour and joy with serious undertones. The artist tells a story in a very strong and striking way whilst asking questions of the viewer.


Best Artwork by Pilbara Artist - $10,000

Sponsor - Pilbara Ports Authority

Artist: Doreen Chapman

Title: Untitled

Artwork No:  3513

Judges’ Comments:

Abstract meets realism; deliberate, competent naivety. The artist displays confident use of colour and paint with the use of bold and bright tones. An interesting colour contrast with wonderful simplification of shapes breaking down the negative space.


Best Overall - $15,000

Sponsor - City of Karratha

Artist: Michelle Hawkins

Title: Lulu

Artwork No: 3310

Judges’ Comments:

This is a haunting piece that is so good it is hard to tell whether a print or charcoal medium has been used. A small, androgynous work with such an enormous presence. Extraordinary dexterity and use of charcoal, both in subject matter and the way it has been captured. It is enigmatic and draws you in. A compelling piece that leaves the viewer wanting to know the story.


People's Choice - $3,000

Sponsor - Horizon Power

Artist: Alicia Gorey

Title: Look at me, look at me!

Artwork No: 4039